The One about the Sporti Men’s TriMesh Water Shoes


As I have been hearing so much talk from friends about visiting Montana de Oro State Park in Los Osos, California…I figured that I better get some water shoes before I head out there.

While I still have my surfing booties, because there are jagged rocks around the area, I needed something that I could wear around the jagged rocks and shoes that would not puncture as easily but yet, shoes that are meant to get wet and submerged in water.

Now, I’m not an erudite when it comes to aquatic shoes, especially when stepping on jagged rocks near the ocean and knowing what people wear.

But I do have enough memories in my life of trying to surf around Morro Bay when I was a young grommet and stepping on many rocks but what type of shoes to wear if I visit this park?

After reading review after review of water shoes, almost all water shoe reviews have not received great ratings as people complained of the actual soles coming off and other problem with the water shoes. People complaining of shoes they purchased not lasting a day, week or a month.

Yes, I read review after review of really nice (and expensive) shoes and yet there so many negatives.

So, I decided that if the nicer water shoes received bad reviews and the bad ones have received bad reviews of being too cheap and break down easily, what water shoes should I get?

Well, there was one water shoe that received positive reviews, a positive for being inexpensive and also a positive is that these shoes seem to last and they are the Sporti TriMesh Water Shoes.

So, with SwimOutlet having a sale, I decided to purchase these Sporti TriMesh Water Shoes and for the most part, I figured…if they break down, it’s all good, they didn’t cost me more than $20 (in fact, I bought it for $12.99 not inc. tax/shipping).

But so far, putting it through the stress test, they fit snug on my feet.  I walked and did a little run, did a moonwalk or two and got them wet and so far they have held up and I didn’t slip or break my neck, so that’s a positive.

I like the look, I like the fit and while I’m not expecting anything to be so comfortable or well-cushioned, as they are just water shoes.

Granted, these are definitely YMMV but they fit to size and the soles have not split from the shoe, so I am quite stoked by that.

But of course, these are only basic tests and I would have to put them through a real test on the rocks near the ocean.  So, expect me to update this post whenever I get to that point.

But for now, for its price, the Sporti TriMesh Water Shoes, for its price and having survived my first stress test, these water shoes are worth checking out!