The One about My Interests in Yachts and Sailboats


There is something calming for me about watching sailboats.

I don’t know how many times that watching people from the distance, I’ve always wondered how it would be on the other end?

While I was younger, I always felt that perhaps, I would never be involved with sailing because it is a sport for the wealthy.

But as I have been fortunate to have careers where I have friends, associates and business clients who are wealthy (and some who aren’t) that sail or have a yacht or boat, they have introduced me to the world of sailing.

And when friends and associates have cajoled my interest into taking action, to be truthful, I am one step closer of going to get trained and certified for sailing lessons. So, I’m grateful to friends for sharing their experiences and also giving me their sailing magazines.

Of course, this pursuit of certification is not going to happen soon as I have to prepare for my trip to Tokyo.  But hopefully by next spring.

I don’t know where this interest will take me, but I do know that I can only stand on the sidelines, on shore and just keeping taking pictures.  I want to take part in the fun as well.

So… we will see how far I will go with it…but I do know, I’m looking forward to this adventure of unexpected situations generated by my interest in yachts and sailboats that seemed long ago, so far out of reach.