The One about Fresh Bay Cafe in San Francisco, California


San Francisco is a city with so much going on, day or night.  Restaurants all over the city which serves up a great diverse styles of cuisine.

Surprisingly, near the Fort Mason Center and Marina Blvd., there are very few restaurants within five minutes of walking, unless you are willing to walk almost a mile to get to a plethora of restaurants near Chestnut and Lombard.

But if you are near Fort Mason Center Blvd. and are hungry and you want something nearby (within a five minute or so walk), you have the choice of the vegetarian restaurant Greens, a Round Table Pizza, a Starbucks and Safeway store and then you have Fresh Bay Cafe on Buchanan St.


As mentioned, the walk is not far, especially for us, as we were at Fort Mason Center.  As for parking, if you park near the wharf or on Buchanan St. or North Point, parking is not difficult unless a major event is taking place near the area.

The owner of the restaurant is quite welcoming and while the restaurant is small, you can eat indoors and outdoors.  The location serves soups, salads, sandwiches and coffee.

The atmosphere was pleasant and smoothing, the place was clean, customer service was fantastic.

Fresh Bay Cafe serves American and Asian cuisine but as I ordered the meatloaf sandwich, I noticed a Vietnamese flair with the sprouts and.  And I absolutely enjoyed the dish, along with the potato salad side.

For the most part, I was happy to know there was a restaurant nearby.  While I don’t mind walking to areas far away, for the moment that I was in the area, I had a one hour break from my duties at Fort Mason Center and had to get back.  So, I needed a restaurant nearby and was happy to find Fresh Bay Cafe.

And I look forward to visiting the restaurant again, next time I’m in the area.