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The One about the Belts

I grew up with being taught that belts are there to hold your pants in place. These days, belts are not just for holding our pants up but they are also a wise accessory for the those who are about their own personal style and for the most part, guys should be wearing a belt 90% of the time. In fact, I treat belts like socks, good to have a wide variety that goes well […]

The One about Wednesday Campanella and “TRY!PRIUS”

For those who follow my work on social media probably know that several weeks ago, I interviewed and had a photo shoot with Japanese pop star KOM_I of Wednesday Campanella (Suiyoubi no Campanella) in San Francisco, which will be featured on J!-ENT for their annual issue. And as some of you know from my blog, I decided to go hybrid by getting a Toyota Prius C and absolutely loving the fact that I hardly have […]

The One about the Carrera CA6637/N Eyeglasses and Eyezen lenses

It’s another year and it’s time to get new eyeglasses. I know..I know…it wasn’t long ago when I got my two eyeglasses last year (my Ray-Ban Optics RB 7014 and the MarchonNYC Broadway Downtown M-852), one for whenever I’m reading and one whenever I feel I need them for driving. But this time around, I felt it was inconvenient of having two eyeglasses.  I wanted one that did everything I wanted, for reading, driving and […]

The One about Jean-Luc Godard’s “À bout de souffle”

Every director has their beginning but for Jean-Luc Godard, his 1960 film “À bout de souffle” a.k.a. “Breathless” was the beginning of a cinema revolution and bringing the world closer to nouvelle vague, the French New Wave. Godard is a unique director who attracted attention for his innovative editing and his use of jump cuts, his style of not giving his talent a script until the morning of and using improvisation and utilizing film techniques […]

The One about the Movado BOLD (Model: 3600367)

Back in 1881, watchmaker Movado was founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland by Achilles Ditesheim. Over a century later, the company was purchased by Gedalio Grinberg, a Cuban born watchmaker who would become the founder and chairman of the Movado Group who would base the company in Paramus, New Jersey. Prior to founding the Movado group, when Gedalio Grinberg moved to the East Coast, in the 1960’s, he established his own Piaget distributorship in New York […]