The One about Lonely Planet Discover Europe


For those who are traveling to Europe, one of the biggest decisions to make is explore a country for multiples days or weeks or venture to as many countries as possible.

While the decision is subjective, there are those who want to explore as much of Europe as possible and are wanting to visit a country and visit key locations.

Lonely Planet Discover Europe is a book to check out because it takes the important advice found from their country-specific guides and culminates that information into a single travel guide.

Like most Lonely Planet travel guides, the travel guide kicks off with key information from a European map, Europe’s Top 25 Highlights, Top Itineraries, Europe Month by Month and more.

Then it delves deeply into various countries and regions:

– BRITAIN & IRELAND – London, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland
– FRANCE – Paris, Normandy, Brittany, Champagne, Alsace, The Loire Valley, Burgundy & Rhone Valley and may more.
– SPAIN – Castilla-La Mancha, Catalonia, Basque Country and more.
– ITALY – Rome, Northern Italy, Tuscany, Southern Italy

In Focus and the awesome and important Survival Guide and so much more!

And for each location, you get key highlights, things to know about in terms of advance planning, resources, warnings, etc. And like other Lonely Planet travel guides, information on restaurants, hotels, museums and key areas.

And a major plus with Lonely Planet travel guides are the amount of full color photos and so much more.

For “DISCOVER EUROPE”, I was quite pleased with the information presented. And it does also reflect the state of current times with theft but also unfortunate terror attacks that have happened in various regions. It’s not a lot of information but Lonely Planet does include it to make sure that people take precaution and practice safe traveling.

And last, for those who need basics of foreign conversation, you get a language section for various countries.

Overall, “LONELY PLANET DISCOVER EUROPE” is a concise, informative and easy to ready travel guide. While in some countries, I can travel with a pocket MiFi and a tablet to get around to various locations, because they are quite safe. But because in Europe, you don’t want to stick out and carry expensive things with you, so having a book like this is quite convenient.

For those wanting to travel to multiple countries in Europe and want to make sure they find key locations but also recommended locations, you really can’t go wrong with this travel guide.

“LONELY PLANET DISCOVER EUROPE” is highly recommended!