The One about Sno-Crave Tea House and Hot Pot


I have discussed my love for snow ice and have tried many locations around the state.

But one that I have not yet tried was Sno-Crave Tea House and Hot Pot, located in the DeAnza shopping area in San Jose, California.

As one can expect from a tea house, you would expect many variations.  I just didn’t expect to see so many variations of milk tea, oolong tea, honey juice, etc. to be offered at Sno-Crave.

And while the honey toast and crepe offerings were to be as expected, I never realized how huge the portions were when you order the snow ice.  Another major plus for eating at this location.

My brother an I requested two bowls and one order to be halved and I tried my usual taro snow ice but had to order the red bean and together, they were a match in heaven as the combination of the two flavors were absolutely sweet and delicious.

Parking at the location is easy, and it’s important to note that Sno-Crave is right next door to the 85°C Bakery Cafe location that I reviewed a few days ago.

As Sno-Crave does get quite busy because it offers hot pot and tea, there is no long wait in line as people finish quickly.   I was there on a Friday evening and while packed, it was not a long wait at all.  And we received our Sno-Crave immediately and for the most part, customer service was great!

Overall, Sno-Crave was another location that I enjoyed eating snow ice at.  I loved the taste and textures of their snow ice but for those who are wanting more than ten flavors, Sno-Crave only offers ten versus others that may offer 2-3 dozen of flavors.  And the location does offer basic and premium toppings.

But I do give them a thumbs up for affordability (if it’s $8 or less, I’m thrilled), big portions, clean tables and awesome customer service but also for offering great tasting snow ice and it helps that the location does close at midnight, so those with a sweet tooth or looking for a place open late, will find Sno-Crave Tea House and Hot Pot worth checking out.

I know there are other delicious snow ice locations in the South Bay, let alone all over California but I did enjoy my time spent at Sno-Crave Tea House and Hot Pot in San Jose, but can also be enjoyed at other Sno-Crave locations in Milpitas, Fremont or Union City.