The One about Curry House – Japanese Curry and Spaghetti


Way back in 1913, Urakami Shoten was created and until 1926, they started selling Japanese-style curry.

Now, known as House Shokuhin Kabushiki-gaisha (House Foods Corporation), the company has become one of Japan’s largest food manufacturers and brands making many types of curry, snacks and the popular ramune.

In America, most people know House Foods via tofu products sold in the United States but in California, many are familiar with their Curry House – Japanese Curry and Spaghetti restaurants.

Having eaten curry all over Japan, I’ve never eaten curry at a Curry House restaurant in California.  So, I was interested in giving it a try!

My brother an I went to the location in Cupertino and parking was easy to find, there was a small wait as the place is popular and can get busy.

But once in, looking at the menu..there are a lot of varieties and things to try!

I admit that I was surprised that spaghetti is mentioned for Curry House, since the only spaghetti offered is for the kid’s menu and the majority of the offerings are all curry.  In fact, there is more omelet offerings than spaghetti when looking at the menu.

So many varieties as you can see…but I wanted to try just one, nothing deluxe or grilled, just the way I usually have it. So, I wanted to give the Menchi Curry a try (which I got miso soup as a side and sweetened green tea).  My brother went for a sesame chicken.

Like most curry shops, you can decide on the level of spiciness and for the most part, my curry was delicious.  But for something similar in Japan, there is definitely a price difference, with Japan being much cheaper and some restaurants giving much bigger portions.

But for the most part, I was pleased with what I ate and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this restaurant.  Not for the budget conscious curry eater who wants to spend under $10 but if you are willing to spend $15-$30, then Curry House is worth checking out!