The One about All My Books


Books…I can’t quit you!

I have put a lot of my books in storage and as I know it would make my life more simpler to go digital and alleviate this side of my living room that makes it look like I’m a cinema/business/art book hoarder…

There is something about having a real book (that you really like and want to own and display) as opposed to a digital book. I don’t know….maybe my mindset will change soon.

But so far…despite having tablets for the sake of reading magazines, I still haven’t been able to read books via digital (which is weird since the books I have written are all available via digital).

While the debates continue to magnify in my head of whether or not to go digital from here on in…

I still remember my days of visiting individuals who I looked up to and would show me around their personal library.  Mentors who presented me with books.

But as having many books were a sign of intelligence and wealth in the past, these days, people see books as eyesore or clutter and the most common thing I hear from friends or family is, “you should just buy digital, so you can free up space”.

I realize that Marie Kondo and others have influenced people to tidy up and as much as I would love to be the person to live simply and have a lot of empty space…

I admit that I’m not one of those people.

I do feel I can make some compromise and go through books I have read once or never read fully and decide to trash them or donate them.  We’ll see.

Ahh…the conundrum continues.