The One about The Orange Works in Strathmore, California


Yes, I have traveled the world to try various foods and yes, I know I said my hardcore foodie days are over.

But I believe that once, twice or thrice in a three month period, I’m willing to give something a try but be mindful about it.

And so, my adventures take me to a small town in Central California or more like in the corner of a major California State Route.

For those traveling through Highway 65, when you get to an area called Strathmore (near Lindsay and Porterville, California), right in the corner of Highway 65 and 22314 Avenue 196 is a restaurant/cafe known as “The Orange Works” that has become a popular destination in California for foodies.

You will see its colors of orange and white and cars and many people wanting to start their brunch, lunch or dinner at “The Orange Works”.

As many have told me, “it’s in the middle of nowhere”, which it may seem that way (definitely not as desolate as the stretch between California and going to Las Vegas or I5 near Kern/Kings County), but it’s in Tulare County (not far from Tulare, Visalia and Porterville) and the restaurant/cafe have received recognition primarily for their orange ice cream, orange smoothies and orange shake but for locals, they also recommend their tri-tip sandwiches.

The location was very Central California in terms of being an agricultural town, the interior also showcased its agricultural roots.  With the cow chalkboard to the various marmalade, preserves, honey or olives being sold, but for the most part, the interior and exterior had a very small town feel but with loyal customers and customer service was wonderful.

It’s important to add that parking is easily accessible and the line was not too long.  So, that’s a major plus!

But many may ask…isn’t Superior Dairy the king of ice cream in the Central California area?  For me, Superior Dairy is wonderful for their lemon ice cream, but for orange ice cream (and even pineapple ice cream), The Orange Works is absolutely awesome.

The first thing is that you will see a menu and while not a menu with a plethora of selections, you probably will want to pick one to try.  And the good news is that The Orange Works is a restaurant/cafe that will let you sample a taste of their homemade orange or pineapple ice cream.

And sampling it, it was absolutely delicious.

For the ice cream, you have a choice between a junior – $2.75, medium for $3.25, large for $3.75 and quart for $5.75 (as of July 2016).

While I would have loved to get a big scoop or even try their tri-tip sandwich (which I had heard so much about) or their turkey sandwich, I needed something quick during my lunch break and I decided to settle with the orange shake (for $5.00) and that was absolutely tasty and delicious.

It’s important to note that the restaurant has a lunch special for $8.99 in which you get sandwich, chips, ice tea and a jr. ice cream for $8.99.

No doubt that whenever I am in the area, I’ll definitely return and try The Orange Works more thoroughly the second time around.