The One about Yurakucho


Between the Tokyo political buildings and Hibiya Park on the left and Ginza on the right is a neighborhood known as Yurakucho in Chiyoda ward.

Part of the fascination of Yurakucho is how unlike it is from areas next to it.  Thanks to its shops and restaurants that look like they are from the early postwar era.

But it’s also a location where you can find a lot of delicious izakaya and yakitori restaurants, find a lot of food trucks parked in the neighboring Tokyo International Forum.

And the place is known for enjoying beer and hanging out with friends and enjoying a meal.

Yurakucho gets its name from Oda Nagamasu, younger brother of Oda nobunaga and he built his mansion  on land which was granted by Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Prime locations in Yurakucho is the DN Tower 21, the Yurakucho Center Building, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan, Yurakucho Mullion, Yurakucho Marui and more.

And for a neighborhood for its size to have so much shopping and eateries makes it a prime location for dining, shopping and hanging out!