The One about the Crepes in Harajuku


Crepes.  The very thin pancake made from wheat flour or buckwheat flour originated in France.

And they have become so popular around the world that you can find many restaurants selling these thin pancakes with a variety of savory fillings.

And in Japan, in Harajuku, there are five locations to sample delicious crepes.

Sweetbox specializes in beautifully made crepes with fresh fruit and are handmade.

Angel’s Heart is the oldest crepe shop in Harajuku and has been around since 1977.  They are the first to introduce the Harajuku-style crepe with whipped cream, ice-cream and fresh fruits with freshly made crepe and choose to use eggs and milk over water.

Marion Crepes was the first to bring the French style of crepe to Harajuku and crafting it in a Harajuku style since 1976.  They also have 70 different varieties of crepes.

Santa Monica Crepes specializes in crepe with the best quality of flour and butter and going for a texture that is light but soft and crunchy.  Handmade daily, Santa Monica Crepe has no doubt jumped in popularity.

And while the first four are located on Takeshita Street, the fifth known as Strawberry House and is right next to Takeshita Street but in the Laforet section.  This is owned by Cafe Crepe which operates Angel’s Heart and Cafe Crepe (in Roppingi Hills).

My plan is to do a Harajuku crepe taste test on November 4th.

Which crepe will reign supreme?  We’ll see!