The One about the Toyota Prius C

Throughout my life, I have alternated years of vehicles from sporty to something of convenience and back and forth. While my parents had a Mercedes and big trucks, I have always been in the position of wanting a Mercedes, BMW, Infinity or Lexus but then going back to the mindset that I travel so much, I would put so much mileage on my vehicles and not enjoy it. Since my […]

The One about Lonely Planet Discover Europe

For those who are traveling to Europe, one of the biggest decisions to make is explore a country for multiples days or weeks or venture to as many countries as possible. While the decision is subjective, there are those who want to explore as much of Europe as possible and are wanting to visit a country and visit key locations. Lonely Planet Discover Europe is a book to check out […]

The One about Leo McCarey’s “Make Way for Tomorrow”

In the 1930’s, both Leo McCarey and Frank Capra are held to the highest regard. Legendary American film critic Andrew Sarris wrote of McCarey, “McCarey represents a principle of improvisation in the history of the American film.  Noted less for his rigorous direction than for his relaxed digressions, McCarey has distilled a unique blend of farce and sentimentality in his best efforts.” (The American Cinema: Directors and Directions 1929-1968, Andrew […]

The One about Sno-Crave Tea House and Hot Pot

I have discussed my love for snow ice and have tried many locations around the state. But one that I have not yet tried was Sno-Crave Tea House and Hot Pot, located in the DeAnza shopping area in San Jose, California. As one can expect from a tea house, you would expect many variations.  I just didn’t expect to see so many variations of milk tea, oolong tea, honey juice, […]

The One about Curry House – Japanese Curry and Spaghetti

Way back in 1913, Urakami Shoten was created and until 1926, they started selling Japanese-style curry. Now, known as House Shokuhin Kabushiki-gaisha (House Foods Corporation), the company has become one of Japan’s largest food manufacturers and brands making many types of curry, snacks and the popular ramune. In America, most people know House Foods via tofu products sold in the United States but in California, many are familiar with their […]

The One about 85°C Bakery Cafe

I know I have gushed about the awesomeness of Portos Bakery and Cafe in Southern California. But one of the popular bakery chains in California is 85°C Bakery Cafe, a Taiwanese chain of coffee shops and self-serve bakeries run by Gourmet Master Co., Ltd. Found in 2004 by tea shop owner Wu Cheng-Hsueh, there are over 800 branches in Taiwan, Australia and the United States (the first location was in […]

The One about Fort Mason Center Farmers Market in San Francisco Part 2

Back in April, I wrote about the Fort Mason Center Farmers’ Market. But to be truthful, I was not thrilled that I didn’t take many photos.  And for me, I don’t like to have things incomplete and try to revisit to give readers of my blog a better look at the booths, what is being served and just an overall feel of the event through photography. Earlier today, I had […]

The One about the Wave Organ in San Francisco

Not far from the Golden Gate Yacht Club is the Wave Organ, an acoustic sculpture constructed on the shore of San Francisco Bay in May 1986 by the Exploratorium. Constructed utilizing stone pieces salvaged from the demolition of the Laurel Hill Cemetery in San Francisco, Exploratorium artist in residence Peter Richards (conceived and designed the organ) and sculptor/mason George Gonzales are credited for the work. The area features 25 PVC […]