The One about Pinemeadow’s PGX 500 Driver

Having fallen in love with Pinemeadow’s PGX SL putter, I couldn’t wait to give their PGX 500 Driver a chance! As Callaway’s Big Bertha (especially their Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver) is known for its size, ability to change the loft and literally, a solid driver with solid reviews. But Big Bertha’s can cost one a lot of money. Pinemeadow’s PGX 500 Driver is for those who: – Never plan […]

The One about Albino M. Roldan and My Search for His Family

With my latest post, this is possibly different from the type of blog posts that I make on this site. But I believe in the power of social media and in this case, I really want to help out family, which I have never met. Growing up, my grandmother Virginia and her sisters, my great aunts (in the Filipino culture, we call them grandmas) of the Roldan family were all […]

The One about Obon Festivals

Since I was a college student, I have traveled and taken part in many Japanese obon festivals in California. Obon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors.  For over 500 years, this event has been celebrated and features a dance known as Bon-Odori. For many states, the Obon Festival season has started.  Obon according to Wikipedia is the Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits […]

The One about Charles Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator”

Audacious. A masterpiece. Chaplin’s greatest film ever. The greatest speech in a film. Decade after decade, many critics, many audiences have had their own say of how they felt about “The Great Dictator”. I truly believe that for many of us living today, far from those who watched the film and had to live through both World Wars, we look at this film and while we expect physical comedy, scenes […]

The One about the Burt’s Bees Men’s Gift Set

When it comes to products, in America, Burt’s Bees is one that is well known. The story of the founding of Burt’s Bees goes back in 1984.  According to the Burt’s Bees website, when Maine artist Roxanne Quimby was hitchhiking home, she was picked up by Burt Shavitz, a long-bearded individual driving a bright yellow Datsun pickup truck and operated a roadside honey stand. Both hit it off and a […]

The One about Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya is the trendiest area for young people in Shibuya and there are a ton of restaurants and shopping areas. And to get there, you need to cross the road at the popular Shibuya crossing (or Shibuya Scramble Crossing). And if you are going to Tokyo, it should be on your list of places to visit.  And if you are visiting Shibuya and visiting the shops, no doubt, you’re going […]

The One about Napoli’s Pizza & Caffe in Shibuya

Napoli’s Pizza and Cafe is among one of the Neapolitan-style pizzerias in Tokyo. As part of the big Napoli chain throughout Tokyo and has a few branches outside of the country, including Hong Kong, Bali and Vietnam, Napoli’s is great for those who want to eat on a budget and one to quickly eat for the price of Y300-900 yen. But the Napoli’s Pizza and Cafe that I visited was […]

The One about the Vitamin Supplements that I take

You probably have read in many articles of how people don’t get enough vitamins in their body. And as I pursue a healthier lifestyle, one of the things that I have done a few times is do a full blood test, not only to test glucose levels, cholesterol and any organ irregularities, but it’s also important for me to see where I stand with my vitamin levels. Unfortunately, the only […]