The One about Kitanomaru National Garden


During the month of March and April, Kitanomura Park is one of the pleasant areas to visit.

Located in Chiyoda, Tokyo and north of the Tokyo Imperial Palace, part of the allure of this park is that Nippon Budokan (where many concerts and events take place) and the Science Museum and the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo is right nearby.

Long ago, the park was used as a medicinal garden and a secure residential compound for members of the Tokugawa extended family until the end of the Shogunate, following the Meiji restoration.

The park would then become the barracks for the Imperial Guards and was opened to the public in 1969 to commemorate the 60th birthday of Emperor Showa.

When going to the park, one can find the Tayasu-mon, the stone entrance to Kitanomaru Park, which was constructed back in 1685 and is part of the original Edo Castle.

And the Tayasu-mon was the northern most gate of Edo castle and consists of both a Korai-mon style outer gate and a Yagura-mon style fortified inner gatehouse with stone walls forming a narrow defensive courtyard.

And while not a city, the population of this area is 598 and consists of the serving members and dependents of the Imperial Guard of the National Police Agency.

While the location brings a lot of people during Hanami (the location features 330 somei-yoshino trees), it is also a place that many people interested in insects go to see various flowers, shrubs and trees.

Definitely a garden worth visiting if you are in the Chiyoda area.