The One about the Tommie Copper Light Weight Compression Ankle Socks


As a runner, I believe in compression sleeves and compression socks.

Tommie Copper may have had a difficult situation last December with the FTC ruling due to their advertising practices of compression technology, but one shouldn’t count out compression socks or sleeves.

If anything, you’ll need to try it out for yourself and see if they work for you. Because there are those who believe in that compression sleeves and socks do work.

I actually have used compression socks to alleviate my plantar fascia (granted, that along with stretching and having to wear my running shoes with major padding during work, and a boot at night, I have worn compression socks during and after injury). In fact, whenever I go out running, I wear compression socks.

While I felt they helped personally for me, I don’t know if it would help anyone else but for me, I believe they work and I still wear them.

These Tommie Copper Light Weight Compression Ankle Socks are meant to be slightly tight. Not to the point of squeezing out blood circulation but more of fitting like a glove on your hand, but a sock that fits snugly around your foot.

They are anti-odor, they provide airflow mapping so mesh ventilation for breathability, arch support and an ergo-fit, so band does not roll or pinch.

And as ankle socks, for those that want to wear ankle socks that actually stay on your foot and not wanting them to completely show while wearing certain shoes, they worked really well.

As for the breakdown of material, they are 66% Nylon, 28% Comfortrel Polyester, 4% Olefin and 2% Spandex.

Now, one thing that may turn people off with compression socks are pricing. And Tommie Copper compression ankle socks are $19.50 for one pair. I know, that’s more than two pairs of Balega running socks and there are competitors selling cheaper compression socks (I can’t comment on how these cheaper ones are and how they compare).

For me, the fact that the Tommie Copper socks have wicking, are anti-odor and provide comfort and fit around my size 11 foot perfectly and not too tight but enough to provide comfortable compression, it’s really hard to say anything negative about the sock at all.

While I’m not crazy about the price, I do like these Tommie Copper Light Weight Compression Ankle Socks and recommend them!