The One about ASBee in Shibuya, Tokyo

In America, we are used to seeing shoe stores such as Foot Locker, Famous Footwear, Finish Line, etc. In Japan, possibly one of the most popular shoe stores to find throughout Japan, especially in Tokyo, in the mega trendy special ward of Shibuya, and that is the ASBee Shibuya Center District Store (Udagawacho 23-8, Shibuya-ku ,Tokyo ,Japan). The store features many shoes limited to ASBee, and while they sell their […]

The One about the Tommie Copper Light Weight Compression Ankle Socks

As a runner, I believe in compression sleeves and compression socks. Tommie Copper may have had a difficult situation last December with the FTC ruling due to their advertising practices of compression technology, but one shouldn’t count out compression socks or sleeves. If anything, you’ll need to try it out for yourself and see if they work for you. Because there are those who believe in that compression sleeves and […]