The One about Pinemeadow’s PGX 500 Driver


Having fallen in love with Pinemeadow’s PGX SL putter, I couldn’t wait to give their PGX 500 Driver a chance!

As Callaway’s Big Bertha (especially their Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver) is known for its size, ability to change the loft and literally, a solid driver with solid reviews. But Big Bertha’s can cost one a lot of money.


Pinemeadow’s PGX 500 Driver is for those who:

– Never plan to play professional golf
– Are on a budget and will never spend more than $50 on a driver

I’m the type that plays with friends or had participated in work/team competitions in the past but when it comes down to it, I don’t spend a lot on my equipment, as it’s all recreational for me.

After receiving the Pinemeadow PGX 500, the first thing that came to my mind was, “This thing is massive!”.

Because it’s 500cc, it exceeds the maximum head size allowed by the USGA and this non-conforming 10.5 degree (for its loft) driver is quite light.

This driver has a massive sweet spot, so having tried it out, I absolutely love this driver and for its price at under $50 and comes with its head cover, you really can’t go wrong with it (considering you have experience playing golf and hitting with a driver).

The shaft is mid-flex graphite and the grip was easy to grip on and hold. No pain or discomfort using this driver at all.


While I tend to hook my hits and often have to get myself into position, with this driver, I was able to get things to straighten a bit and also wack this ball and seeing an increase in distance. So, I see what many people have been commenting about being a more forgiving driver, it works well thanks to its larger “sweet spot” area.

Granted, driving is the least of my worries in my many not-so-good games but getting a driver this massive and light does help with my game.

I’m really liking with what I’m seeing with Pinemeadow PGX Golf Products and I’m looking forward to seeing if they bring out newer PGX Fairway Woods.

But for those wanting a massive driver with a massive sweet spot that may compliment your game and are one who has no intention of competing professionally and a player on a budget, the Pinemeadow PGX 500 Driver is highly recommended!