The One about Napoli’s Pizza & Caffe in Shibuya


Napoli’s Pizza and Cafe is among one of the Neapolitan-style pizzerias in Tokyo.

As part of the big Napoli chain throughout Tokyo and has a few branches outside of the country, including Hong Kong, Bali and Vietnam, Napoli’s is great for those who want to eat on a budget and one to quickly eat for the price of Y300-900 yen.

But the Napoli’s Pizza and Cafe that I visited was in Shibuya, Tokyo and the 1-20-16 Aoyama Building 1F.

For those who want healthy, there is the High Omega Veggy Pizza (spinach, tomatoes, peppers, cheese, shrimp) for 890 yen, the High Omega Beauty Pizza (tomatoes, cheese, avocado, herbs) for 980 yen, the Estate for 980 yen which features one half teriyaki sauce and the other half with marinara sauce.

And if you are with friends or with your significant other, you can get a party set for 3450 yen (four pizzas), a family set for 2550 yen (three pizzas) and a couple set for 1600 yen (two pizzas).

As mentioned, there is so many types of pizzas on the menu, for a great price.  But for those who want better ingredients, Napoli offers a premium margherita pizza, a seafood pizza, a Bismarck pizza, a cream sauce pizza and a Quattro Formage pizza from 890 yen through 1300 yen.

And if you are not hungry for pizza, there are pasta dishes but for children, you can get fries, chicken, onion rings and more!

And there are a variety of drinks and snacks that one can try out and enjoy.

But as there are curry places for people on the go, Napoli’s is a pizza chain is no doubt pizza on the go, but for an inexpensive price!