The One about the Vitamin Supplements that I take


You probably have read in many articles of how people don’t get enough vitamins in their body.

And as I pursue a healthier lifestyle, one of the things that I have done a few times is do a full blood test, not only to test glucose levels, cholesterol and any organ irregularities, but it’s also important for me to see where I stand with my vitamin levels.

Unfortunately, the only real way to find out how deficient one is, is through a blood test.  Not the basic ones but a full on blood-test. And one should know that while multivitamins are important, you may not get all you need through one all-in-one vitamin and may need to purchase extra.

Before I go on, I am going to discuss my own experience but I do recommend people doing their own research, talking to a doctor or nutrition before taking the vitamins.  I had to get my blood tested before going full force with the vitamins and also checking afterward to make sure everything is working well in my body, thus a second blood test was needed.

One of the vitamins that people tend to be deficient is Vitamin D and one study found that people deficient in Vitamin D are likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke.  And intake of Vitamin D may reduce inflammation in the arteries and also better memory function, healthier hair and more.

The problem is that most people get Vitamin D when the sun’s ultraviolet B rays penetrate the skin.  What you get  during the seasons with the most sun, are depleted later on in those non-sunny, winter seasons.

My blood test showed that I am deficient in Vitamin D, so the first thing I do is make sure I take a Vitamin D3 (2000IU) pill.

Potassium is essential for your muscles but also to prevent those nagging cramps.  Potassium also helps to lower blood pressure but not many people eat enough food with potassium per day.  Unless you eat several bananas, avocados or potatoes, definitely look towards potassium to help you out.

Magnesium is another that people may be deficient of and low magnesium may lead to an increase of C-reactive protein which can cause heart disease.

Another major vitamin that people may be short of is Vitamin B12, which is very important for your brain and memory function.  But it can be hindered if you are taking Prilosec and metformin.

But this is just a few things I take.  During my recent test, I have since eliminated the use of iron pills and milk thistle, which my doctor recommended me to stop.

I also alternate vitamins every other day and I use a pill box for seven days a week.  It’s important for me to be on top of my vitamin intake but I do recommend others to also be on top of it as well.

Learn what vitamin is important, know what vitamin you are deficient and do your research!

But if you have the chance, the first thing I recommend is getting a blood test and determining where your body stands, may it be to check out your cholesterol, glucose levels or vitamin intake.