The One about Hooshik Korean Dessert Cafe in Monterey Park, California


Located in Monterey Park is HOOSHIK KOREAN DESSERT CAFE.

As I have covered various snow ice locations throughout California and most of them being Taiwanese-owned, in Southern California, while I have raved about a few Korean Dessert Cafe’s in Korea Town, this time around, we go to 141 N. Atlantic Blvd (Suite 103) in Monterey Park, California to check out HOOSHIK KOREAN DESSERT CAFE.

HOOSHIK means “Falling Snow” and instead of using the words, “Snow Ice” which we see associated with Taiwan cafe’s.

Parking outside of the shopping complex can get busy, but for the most part, you’ll find parking in the rear of the building (sometimes the parallel parking in the front of the shopping complex can be a bit nerve wracking).

Looking inside, the place was clean, quite a bit of people enjoying their time at HOOSHIK.  Customer service was very good and courteous.  Bathrooms were also very clean, tables were clean.

Because we tested other areas prior to arriving at HOOSHIK, I didn’t try any of the drinks, nor the toast and went directly for the Falling Snow and I ordered the Injeolimi Falling Snow (which comes with Injeolmi mochi, injeolmi powder which is based from a bean, sliced almonds and milk snow).  My brother ordered a Red Bean Falling Snow which comes with red bean, injeolmi mochi, injeolmi powder, sliced almonds and milk snow.

You get a small serving of condensed milk.  Just pour a little condensed milk all over your Falling Snow dessert and enjoy!

We both felt each of ours was delicious and I have to say, it was one of the best I have tasted in California. The consistency and how it melts in your mouth.  Magnificent!

The Falling Snow wsd very affordable, while other falling snow being offered will cost several bucks more.  Which is understandable, considering they really stack the falling snow to the top.  I didn’t add anything special for mine, but still, I found it to be delicious and I can’t wait to try more in the future.

And if you just want straight up coffee, HOOSHIK KOREAN DESSERT CAFE also offers Stumptown Espresso, hot or iced tea and also ice cream.

Overall, I really enjoyed dessert at HOOSHIK KOREAN DESSERT CAFE.  The location was great, the customer service was fantastic and most of all, the falling snow was absolutely delish!