The One about the OtterBox Commuter Series Case


I have used OtterBox products for many years now and I have found them to be dependable products.

The Commuter Series OtterBox products are also a series that offers protection but for those wanting something slim and lightweight and for people who are constantly on the go.


You get the Whetstone Blue case (which is like a grayish blue) and mixed with dark gray.

And you get a screen protector with the usual OtterBox installation card.



The case features drop protection, dust protection, screen protection and there is a dual layer protection offered (dual layer is the dark gray rubber inside and then outside is the hard whetstone blue shell). OtterBox offers a 1 year limited product warranty. NOTE: The Commuter Series features a stick-on screen protector, the Defender Series has a built in screen protector and also comes with a holster, which the Commuter Series does not have.

But this case allows for a good hole in the rear for the camera, bottom portion offers a snug flap just in case you need to recharge or put some head phones on. Volume buttons are conveniently placed and the power button on the right.

And the Commuter Series is not difficult to put your phone in and take it out, unlike other cases which can be a pain to remove from its case.



For the most part, OtterBox cases are awesome and dependable products. But in the case of what are your needs, Commuter Series gives you the protection with simplicity. Want a holster or a screen protector that is built in? Then go for the Defender Series.

Overall, want double the protection, dust protection and OtterBox quality for your Samsung 7? You really can’t go wrong with the Commuter Series cases from OtterBox but definitely do your research as the company offers so many different series and colors.