The One about Harajuku Station


One of the first stations I had the opportunity to visit during my first time in Japan was Harajuku Station.

A well-known railway station located in Shibuya, Tokyo and operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East), the station’s beginnings go as far back as 1906.

With over 70,000 passengers daily, Harajuku Station has no doubt become overly crowded on the weekends and while it is cramped, it was quite convenient because after getting out, it faces the entrance to the active shopping area, Takeshita Street in Harajuku.

My photo of Harajuku Station back in 1999

Known for its architecture and its close proximity to Takeshita St., unfortunately Harajuku Station may change as East Japan Railway Co. is planning to rebuild the building before the 2020 Olympics.

As Harajuku Station is nearby Yoyogi National Gymnasium and the Yoyogi venue will host handball and also badminton and wheelchair rugby for the Paralympics, to ease congestion, the new location is expected to be build to the south of the current building.

While I can’t imagine Harajuku Station being anywhere else, because of the 2020 Summer Olympics, a lot of changes are being planned in Tokyo and this is one of them.

While I will still be able to see Harajuku Station later in the year, I’ll miss seeing this building, as it is a historical building in Shibuya.  But considering that they will need more space to fit more people, I can understand why a new building is needed.