The One about Hot Weather in California


It’s one thing if you live near the ocean and have cold mornings warm afternoons and back to cool evenings.

But in parts of California, the reality is a cold or foggy winter and very hot dry summer.  Right now, it’s a hot spring and summer has not yet begun.

We have been warned in the past year that El Nino would bring rain (which was great for the California drought) but also to be prepared for La Nina (which would bring in hot temperatures) due to the central Pacific Ocean sea surface temperature dropping to lower than normal levels.

When the equator cools, it happens typically in the late fall or early winter and it impacts the globe.

While we hoped for a wet El Nino, a strong La Nina can make California much drier leading to more drought conditions.  But it could be devastating as it means more hurricanes from the Atlantic, drought in countries such as Brazil and heavy rain in South Asia and South East Asia.

Yesterday, we had several blackouts and the power company leaving a message that it would continue throughout the day.  And it affected thousands of people.

But this heat is something we are accustomed to until we lose A/C or power, which then makes things a bit miserable.

And as for dressing up…ugh…right now as I type this, I’m wearing shorts and nothing else.