The One about the PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher


I’m a big user of PUR products and I have been needing to upgrade my water pitcher.

The PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher that I am reviewing is the non-LED version.

What you get is the pitcher, a filter, lid and a reservoir.

A few things have changed with the PUR 7 Cup Pitcher and I agree with other reviewers, there is a difference in width and size but not a whole lot. Filling the reservoir takes a while to fill up the pitcher (as the previous version had a bigger reservoir).

Setup is pretty easy, first put the filter in a big glass of water and let it sit for 5 minutes, rinse it with cold water and add it to your reservoir. Fill up the reservoir and let the water fill up the pitcher. Just don’t use hot water.


I didn’t have too much fuss with the hinged flap yet and I felt the lid is much better on the newer version.

Nevertheless, I’m sure that PUR had their reasons to redesign the PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher and with our local city water, I felt the PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher did its job.

Considering its price at less than $25, the PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher is much cheaper and while I have small qualms of how long it takes to filter and add water to the pitcher, I guess one can say the same with the more expensive Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher, which also takes a long while to fill.

So, if you are willing to have great tasting water for a cheap price, just know that when filling this pitcher up, fill up the reservoir once, watch some television or catch up on e-mails and come back 5 minutes later and add more water to fill up the reservoir a few more times and you should be good.

Ease of use, price and great tasting water outnumber the negatives! Recommended!