The One about my Kale and Vegetable Fried Rice Dish


I don’t like seeing food that i purchase go to waste.

And despite not liking it, it happens to me quite frequently.

I buy too much fresh vegetables that by the time I check in my fridge, the kale or spinach and even salad bags I purchase have liquefied.  Yes, major EWW!

So, now I’m trying to take an active step to prevent it by using them before they go bad.

While I don’t eat rice as a dish all that much anymore, I’ll probably eat it once every six months (twice a year), unless it involves sushi and then I’ll make an exception.

Please note that this is different from the fried rice dish I made back in February!

Before I start, I put my rice in a rice cooker and then once the rice is ready, I put it a bowl and mix it up 2-3 eggs (which have been beaten). I then mix 2 tablespoon of reduced sodium soy sauce and two tablespoon of mirin.

While the rice is in a bowl, I then cut up the kale leaves that I had and finely cut them.

I then use squash or carrots, a long with minced garlic clove and I put them on medium-high heat with 2 table spoons of sesame oil.

I then cut up a few scallions or green onions, if I have mushrooms, I will throw this in and then stir fry everything.

I then add the rice mixture to the pan and keep stirring my fried rice until it’s done.

It’s a pretty simple dish that I do when I need to cook up vegetables I want to get rid of before it spoils and fortunately, I have not had this issue in a long time (otherwise, I would be eating this often).

You can eat this with a side of fish or chicken, some love to eat with meat or no meat and just the fried rice with vegetables on its own.

But it’s a quick dish and something worth trying!