The One about Joey’s Cafe in West Hollywood


My chill out spot for brunch/lunch when I’m traveling to the West Hollywood area is Joey’s Cafe (

Joey’s Cafe is one of those spots to kick back, indoor or outdoor, order a sandwich or a drink and just enjoy your breakfast, brunch or lunch.

One of the things that we wanted to experience was their Rosemary Turkey Burgers and their chicken quesadillas.  And the location also serves fresh organic coffee and loose leaf tea.

I’m not in the area to frequent this place like other reviewers have but on the occasions that I have went to Joey’s Cafe, customer service was good and my sandwiches and quesadillas have been well-prepared. So, Angela and I have never had the problems others reviewers have had.

Nevertheless, my experiences have been positive. I’ve went to Joey’s Cafe when it wasn’t that busy and one time when it was packed, but for the most part, never had a bad experience.

If you ever are in the West Hollywood area, give Joey’s Cafe a chance!