The One about Revisiting Salju Dessert in Alhambra


Snow ice.  It’s a popular dessert that you can find in areas with a high Asian population in California.  But I wanted to introduce family who had never tried snow ice for the very first time.

As I posted about Salju Dessert earlier in the month, I figured that perhaps my palate is a bit biased towards Asian cuisine and dessert, so I wanted family (Asian and non-Asian) to give it a try themselves.

For those not familiar with snow ice,  the Taiwanese dessert known as xue hua bing is about grinding ice and then flavoring it with fruit syrups or condensed milk, snow ice tastes like ice cream but the way it’s shaved, it has its own distinct look.  And unlike ice cream, it features lower calories and low in sugar, although depending on the toppings, it can change the calorie count of course.

At Salju, you can choose your flavor of snow ice.  Then choose what you want to top it with, such as condensed milk, caramel, etc.  And then you get two choices of toppings.

You can order a small bowl or a big bowl but I suggest going with a small bowl if it’s your first time.

Ordered was taro snow ice with condensed milk, boba and aloe.  The other was chocolate snow ice with caramel, Oreo cookies and fudge brownie.  And last, was a classic crepe with vanilla ice cream, nutella, bananas, strawberries and cream.

Needless to say, each of them scarfed it down immediately.

Considering they were “not hungry” to eat anything, after tasting the snow ice, they devoured it quickly.

But this is how things are usually when introducing people to snow ice for the very first time.  It’s absolutely delicious!

And while I only eat it once or twice a year, for those who have never experienced snow ice, should give it a try!