The One about Behind the Wheel French – Level 1


As a person who has studied several foreign languages, in the beginning, I have gone through many books, audio tapes and CD’s in my life and even learned a few in college and this time, I’ve always wanted to learn French. Because of my work hours and literally busy, I figured that according to my current schedule, learning French via audio CD was the best way to go.

So, I’ve had a chance to go through “Behind the Wheel French 1” by the company “Behind the Wheel”.

Included in the box are a total of 8 CD’s and a level 1 booklet.

The booklet features how a person can construct their sentences, daily routines of eating out, using verbs, learning words for travel, learning commands, etc.

The CD’s feature a way to learn the pronunciation of the words. So, using the book and learning:

My Name is… Je m’appelle
What’s your name… Comment t’appelles-tu?

These are examples of how one can learn from the CD’s by repetition, relistening but using the books as an example.

Granted there are many books/CD’s like this in the market and depending on what you want to learn French for, may it be learning the basics when you travel to France or probably just enough to get by may it be for business or you plan to live there, with learning any language, it takes some dedication and focus.

One of the things that I’ve learned from is if you learn and memorize many words, it’s good to have another person there to help you or at least dedicate yourself by using the following. a: Flash cards b: A person asking you to say the following words in French and saying it out loud c: Quizzing yourself by making sure you memorized the words.

Learning about 20 words a week or every few days and then learning the next. And then slowly building your vocabulary and enough to make sentences that will get you prepared for visiting France or even basic conversations.

I like the presentation of Behind the Wheel’s “French Level 1” and I liked the fact that there are CD’s to learn the pronunciation. These are great learning tools to learn French but it’s important to grow your vocabulary by utilizing flash cards or quizzing yourself to make sure that you grow that vocabulary and prepare yourself to knowing enough phrases to get you by and effectively communicate and to understand.

Otherwise a solid release that will depend on the individual and how they choose how to utilize it.