The One about Yunika Vision and Yunika Building in Shinjuku



When going to Shinjuku, one of the most interesting buildings to see is the Yunika Building and its advertising concept aka Yunika Vision, a communications facility near Shinjuku East Exit.

Unveiled on April 2010, Yunika Vision is showcases its three, giant LED screens in HD with text streaming Kyodo News underneath featuring real time news.

The three screens are about 316 feet and features an audio system with hi-fidelity speakers.  The screens can show the same display, show multiple images on three screens or feature one image coming across each of the interlinked screens.


So, no doubt, Yunika Vision has become a major advertising center to promote music artists or groups playing live performances or music videos but also plugging live concerts at major venues.  The screens also promote the Billboard Japan Hot 100 Chart and also promotes upcoming movies and audience rankings.

But also the latest entertainment news from around the world via Thomson Reuters Japan.

You can download a brochure of Yunika Vision here and also to find out what is being promoted on the screens, can also find out via their Vision alpha Portal and Android or iOS app.

Inside the Yunika Building is the electronics and home appliance store Yamada Denki LABI  and a Yoshinoya restaurant.

Having been to this area back in 1999 through the present, Yunika Vision definitely offers a new vision for those coming out of Shinjuku Station.  As one is greeted by big screens at Shibuya Crossing or the big text scrolling through the Yodobashi-Akiba building, Yunika Vision offers great visibility to promote Japanese pop culture (others may find the advertising to be overdone and loud) but personally, I absolutely love the screens on the building and a big improvement over the video screen at Studio Alta back in the ’90s.

Nevertheless, I really like the state of development near Shinjuku East Exit and the Yunika Vision and Yunika building is no doubt a strong media presence in the area.