The One about Salju Dessert in Alhambra, California


While I don’t eat dessert that often, I do occasionally try dessert locations when I’m told “they are the best”, “you should try this place”, etc.

And I have heard of Salju Dessert in Alhambra, California (located on 35 W. Valley Blvd.).

I’ve tried shaved ice (or “snow ice”)  locations up and down the state but I have to admit that Salju has snow ice that is absolutely delicious.

A small cup is $3.95 with two toppings and a medium size is $5.50 with three toppings.  You can just eat snow ice or taste their delicious crepes.

Salju Dessert offers so many offerings but one thing that people would be surprised is that you can get unlimited condensed milk.

First, you choose the size that you want, then choose a flavor (over a dozen listed) and then you can choose your syrup (a total of four) and then you can choose your toppings (which they have nearly three dozen to choose from).


I checked out Salju Dessert on a Sunday afternoon and fortunately I was able to avoid the huge crowds that I have heard the location tends to get.  Parking was easy for us to get (which I heard is typically difficult most of the time) and I was able to get my snow ice quickly.

I’m a lychee fan, so that with condensed milk, mochi and aloe was fantastic!

And I’ll have to say that everything positive which I heard about Salju Dessert is true and while I never really stop by Alhambra, California… it looks that I may have to make more trips in the future to check out more flavor combinations at Salju Dessert.