The One about the Technomarine TM-115174 Cruise BlueRay


I’ll be truthful, I have not been aware of the Technomarine watch brand.

As a watch collector and owner, I have done my fair share of watch reviews on Amazon and so, I was curious about the Technomarine TM-115174 Cruise BluRay.

As a fashion watch, the Technomarine TM-115174 Cruise BluRay features a chronograph with 60 second, 12 hour and 1/10 second subdials.

The watch features a unidirectional stainless steel bezel, blue dial with silver tones and luminous hour markers. The crown is screw-down, the stainless steel case features a flame fusion crystal and a blue nylon strap.

The watch features a Japanese quartz movement and features a case diameter of 45mm and is water resistant to 660 feet. NOTE: 200M water resistance is guaranteed only when the crown is screwed in properly according to the instructions. The instructions also emphasize that it is better not to use the functions and settings of the watch when it is wet and never while it is immersed in water. And to rinse watch with clean water after contact with salt water and/or perspiration.

The top right features the hour, the bottom button features the minute and for time setting, unscrew the crown and move clockwise to set the day, counter-clockwise for the date and of course, like most watches, twisting the crown to set the time.

The back of the case features information about the watch and a serial #.

In its blue box are the warranty cards and instead of a booklet, what is featured is a photocopy quick start page. The warrant is for two years from the date of purchase.

At first I was curious about the transparent plastic over the stainless steel case. Not sure if it was for aesthetic or for protection but seeing how the plastic is attached, I’m guessing it’s the latter. Although, one can snip the plastic off, if they don’t want it on the case.

The blue nylon strap doesn’t look cheap as it does come with blue accents and the steel buckle is nice and thick.


Looking at the Technomarine watch, I see it as comparable to Invicta and Hanowa watches but sold for a much higher price.

The fact that it came with photocopy instructions felt a bit cheap and its many warnings about submerging the watch in water (rule of thumb: Don’t shower with your watch, don’t dive with your watch or submerge your watch in water – Unless the company prides itself with information that the watch will work perfectly in water. But because of the warnings, I wouldn’t even chance the Technomarine TM-115174 in water), but let’s eliminate the instructions and focus on the watch itself and it does look sturdy and durable, especially with the translucent protection on the case.

The chronograph works well, it features a Japanese movement and for the most part, I love how the overall display on the dial looks. And the overall look of the watch is cool!

But in the end, while presentation is cool. I’ll update this review to see how the watch performs after a year.

For my first experience with a Technomarine watch, I have more positive things to say about the watch and its presentation for the Cruise BluRay but I’ll admit, I’m not crazy about the price.