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The One about the Ghost Signs and Eloesser-Heynemann Co.

Found in Lemoore, CA at this 1894 building is a Cyrus Noble (Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey) ghost sign, opposite of it is a ghost sign on the other side of the building is for Can’t Bust ‘Em Overalls created by Heynemann & Co. Throughout the United States (and also in different cities around the world), one can pass by an old building and to its side, still see the remnants of old hand-painted signs from […]

The One about Fort Mason Center Farmers Market in San Francisco

As a person who has practiced healthy eating for nearly a year, I have gone to farmers markets up and down California. One of my favorite farmers markets in California is the Fort Mason Center San Francisco Farmer’s Market. One reason is because it’s in the Marina neighborhood of San Francisco but in the city, the market features local farms and organic produce for San Francisco residents and visitors. Where many farmers markets tend to […]

The One about S Bar in Los Angeles

Located in Korea Town, Los Angeles is the Palm Tree LA. A ritzy and posh location, the Palm Tree L.A. is open from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. As the location hosts fine Asian food dining at Arang, a stylish karaoke bar (in English, Korean and Japanese) and S BAR. Once you get into the Palm Tree L.A. and take the elevator up, once you walk into S Bar, the first thing that you notice […]

The One about the Shimano PD-M520 MTB Bike Pedals & SPD Cleats

A lot friends have asked me what kind of pedals I use for my road bike and I think it surprises many of them that I use Shimano PD-520 MTB Pedals with SPD Cleats. Why do I use mountain bike pedals? I think that everyone has their own comfort level of what pedals they would rather use and previously I used Shimano PD-R540-LA Light Action SPD-SL Road Pedal with a set of SM-SH11 Cleats.  And […]

The One about Cutting the Cord and Going with PlayStation Vue

I have been subscribed to cable television followed by satellite for a large part of my life. And it was quite affordable without premium channels which were under $45 around 2004.  Fastforward 12-years later and prices were nearly $110 for the same service. I wasn’t happy at all and I have seen friends who have cut the cord and been content with whatever they got on Roku, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. But with increasing prices […]