The One about the Shimano PD-M520 MTB Bike Pedals & SPD Cleats

A lot friends have asked me what kind of pedals I use for my road bike and I think it surprises many of them that I use Shimano PD-520 MTB Pedals with SPD Cleats. Why do I use mountain bike pedals? I think that everyone has their own comfort level of what pedals they would rather use and previously I used Shimano PD-R540-LA Light Action SPD-SL Road Pedal with a […]

The One about Cutting the Cord and Going with PlayStation Vue

I have been subscribed to cable television followed by satellite for a large part of my life. And it was quite affordable without premium channels which were under $45 around 2004.  Fastforward 12-years later and prices were nearly $110 for the same service. I wasn’t happy at all and I have seen friends who have cut the cord and been content with whatever they got on Roku, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, […]

The One about Gourmet Food Trucks (Kitchen Cars) in Japan

The concept of gourmet food trucks is big in the United States and in Japan, it’s starting to grow but there is one caveat… space. Not many spaces in metro cities in Japan for these vehicles to park. Where you can follow a gourmet food truck in Los Angeles or San Francisco and learn in advance of where they will be that day on Twitter or Facebook and where they […]

The One about Grey Gardens

Today I write about “Grey Gardens” (and also “The Beales of Grey Gardens”) by David Maysles, Albert Maysles, Ellen Hovde, Muffie Meyer, Susan Froemke. The film that has inspired various plays, an HBO film, a documentary and even a fashion trend, the film has a cult following and for me, “Grey Gardens” is a film that I have enjoyed and have not grown tired, even watching it for over a […]

The One about Pier 39 in San Francisco

San Francisco is a magnificent city to visit and there are so many places for families, for couples, with friends and even people going solo can enjoy! One of my favorite areas to visit is Pier 39, a shopping center and very popular tourist attraction that was developed by Warren Simmons and opened in October 4, 1978. One can find awesome restaurants, many shops, the Aquarium of the Bay, ride […]

The One about Alexander Sokurov’s “Russian Ark”

When watching the “Russian Ark”, not only do you come away watching the film and feeling the uniqueness of Sokurov’s masterpiece but also an appreciation for art, culture and a era that is long gone. In interviews, Alexander Sokurov has talked about making of this film, to showcase Russia as cultured people, to showcase what is possibly the largest art museum in the world that is in Russia but also […]

The One about Going Digital or Sticking with Printed Physical Copies of Books and Magazines

I often think about if I should focus on digital subscriptions for magazines and stop purchasing physical books.  Reading magazine and books on my tablet is something that I tried at times to do. The good thing about most publications is that if you have a subscription to the print magazine, sometimes you get access to the digital version (unfortunately, there are a few magazine companies want you to purchase […]

The One about Preventing Watch Strap Irritation/Rashes

I have often been asked by family and friends on how I prevent watch strap irritation. As a person who collects watches and also wears a watch to track my steps or for GPS or Heart Rate tracking, I have had problems in the past with watch strap irritation. A lot of the problem from watch strap irritations come with the trapping of moisture, sweat and due to friction. Others […]