The One about Breakfast at Tiffany’s


I think about Blake Edwards “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

As for the the older Entertainment Weekly cover featuring Tina Fey as Audrey Hepburn, I suppose the point of this photo I took is that no matter how many decades have past since this movie was released in theaters, people still look towards the film for its elegance.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is a film about Holly Golightly (Hepburn), who is seen during the beginning of the film coming out of her cab in front of Tiffany’s jewelry store on Fifth Ave. Eating a breakfast roll, drinking coffee and dressed elegantly, we then see Holly at her apartment.

What we know of Holly is that she is not a wealthy woman, she dreams of becoming/marrying wealthy but her life right now is living at her Brownstone apartment along with her cat.

Every week, she visits mob boss Sally Tomato at Sing Sing prison in which she gets paid $100 to talk to him for an hour (not knowing that she is being told to pass on messages for the drug ring) and she also sports chick outfits.

On the outside, she’s a chic, well-dressed socialite but although never implied specifically, you get a sense that Holly is pretty much dating (or perhaps even keeping company) wealthy men who would buy her these expensive, beautiful gifts.

Moving into the Browstone complex is Paul Varjak (Peppard), a well-known writer who hasn’t written anything for years. Paul is a “kept man” (financed by a wealthy woman named 2E in exchange for sex) but his life changes when he meets Holly.


Both individuals have their flaws in their personal life but both find comfort within each other because they are almost alike.

The difference is that Paul starts to fall for her but during one night in which Holly is drunk, the truth comes out that Holly wants to marry a wealthy man in order to take care of her brother Fred and also herself, thus she has tried to marry a rich man.

Of course, Paul is not too happy about this but all he can do is be by her side and be her friend. And throughout the films, there are trying times for Holly but no matter how bad things get, Paul will do what he can for her.

Will Audrey see her ways and be with a man that loves her or will she continue her goal in marrying a wealthy man?

A film that stars quite a bit of talent, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” remains not just one of the most memorable romantic films of all time but a film that exemplifies the beauty of Audrey Hepburn, the chic style of the times and more.