The One about S Bar in Los Angeles


Located in Korea Town, Los Angeles is the Palm Tree LA.

A ritzy and posh location, the Palm Tree L.A. is open from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.

As the location hosts fine Asian food dining at Arang, a stylish karaoke bar (in English, Korean and Japanese) and S BAR.


Once you get into the Palm Tree L.A. and take the elevator up, once you walk into S Bar, the first thing that you notice is how things are all neon.

As the waiters and waitresses are ready to take your order on the get go, in the center of the S Bar is the “Talking Bar” where the ladies serve you drinks and you can chat with them. While big screen televisions are playing a baseball or sports game.

And DJ PLXR Paul Hwang and one of his DJ’s from his PXLR DJ Academy and DJ Daisy Gift who provided the music for the evening.

But before we get to the DJ’s, let’s talk about the drinks.

This is a bar in which you are paying for the atmosphere and for those who have never went to Japan or Korea, there are bars in which alcohol is served and it is rather pricey.  S Bar is one of those locations.

That’s why, it’s one of those places where you go with friends, everyone can chip because prices are as follows:




Granted, the prices are high but you can get a beer which costs less than $30 a bottle, if you are there yourself or with a few friends and paying separately.

After 8:00 p.m., S Bar gets packed rather quickly.  Most people tend to hang out around the “Talking Bar” area, as it has the most space for a lot of people and some guys just love having to hang out and talking with the ladies pouring the drinks.

While the concept is unlike Japan with its hostess bars, who really go all out in trying to get you to spend and spend for alcohol, prices are already set at high.  But it’s no doubt a pretty cool atmosphere.

But truth be told, the reason why I went to the S Bar, aside from visiting the Palm Tree L.A. and checking out the atmosphere of S Bar, was to also check out DJ’s PXLR Paul Hwang and DJ Daisy Gift perform.

I respect DJ PXLR Paul Hwang and for teaching people through his DJ School, PXLR DJ Academy and was a class act in letting me shoot a quick video of his setup.

And I also came to check out DJ Daisy Gift at S Bar.

DJ Daisy Gift who originally hails from Thailand and now is based in the City of Angels is often performing all over the world and you can definitely check out her music through Soundcloud.

But a big thank you to daisygift for entertaining us!

I really enjoyed my time at the S Bar.  Definitely a place to come with many of your friends and just have a great evening.   It’s important to remember that if you want food, then check out Airang (or go to a restaurant) first, because S Bar is pretty much the basics ala popcorn, fruit platter or cheese corn to go along with your alcohol.

If there is one thing that doesn’t match the cool Palm Tree L.A. and the S Bar’s aesthetics, it’s the men’s bathroom.  It needs to be cleaned or fix it up…badly.  Because when we went, it was not in the best shape.  Pretty surprising considering how gorgeous the building and its interiors are.

But other than that, Palm Tree L.A. is really a cool place to visit and hangout during the evening.

May it be the S Bar, the karaoke section or Airang…just remember to bring a lot of your friends and you’re ready to pay for the atmosphere.

S Bar is located at 3240 Wilshire Boulevard #401, Los Angeles, CA 90010