The One about Going Digital or Sticking with Printed Physical Copies of Books and Magazines


I often think about if I should focus on digital subscriptions for magazines and stop purchasing physical books.  Reading magazine and books on my tablet is something that I tried at times to do.

The good thing about most publications is that if you have a subscription to the print magazine, sometimes you get access to the digital version (unfortunately, there are a few magazine companies want you to purchase a digital and physical subscription which is really backward thinking).

But after downloading a few magazines that I subscribe to, on my iPad Air and my Android tablet, I wondered which I will be looking at more and to tell you the truth, I still look at the printed version more.

Because it’s quick (no need to wait for download), its portable and I don’t run out of space as quickly.  Also, no messing around just to get to page 4 to 56 then to page 125. It’s a bit of a fuss to turn pages.

But I look at my magazine rack in my office and my bathroom, it’s full of magazines that I tell myself, I would finish reading when I have the time.  Good luck with that!  I know… it’s tough.

As for books, as easy as it would be for me to move to digital, I remember when I worked in the political industry and I would visit the homes of influential people who introduced me to their book collection and would tell me that you can tell a person by the books they have in their home.

I’m sure that was a sentiment many people had back then, but not so much now as many people like to keep things simple and declutter.

Granted, there are those who purchase coffee table books to look sophisticated with no plans to even open a page, but I read my books, I love having books and I love seeing them on my book shelves.

That is until I started thinking more and more about decluttering.

And now, I’m a bit torn of getting rid of my books.  I don’t really like the thought of repurchasing them but at the same time, I don’t like how much space many of my books occupy.

I may need to donate or throw away books I rarely touch or open.

Maybe.  Maybe not.

We’ll see how things go.