The One about Preventing Watch Strap Irritation/Rashes


I have often been asked by family and friends on how I prevent watch strap irritation.

As a person who collects watches and also wears a watch to track my steps or for GPS or Heart Rate tracking, I have had problems in the past with watch strap irritation.

A lot of the problem from watch strap irritations come with the trapping of moisture, sweat and due to friction.

Others may be allergic to the material.

But I believe these can be prevent.  As Chamois Buttr has been used to prevent friction for bike riding, when they released a GoStik Chamois Buttr version, I am strictly using the GoStik as a preventative to watch strap irritation.

Similar to how one uses deodorant on their arm pit, I rub the GoStik on my wrist.  Not only have I been able to prevent irritation, it has also healed irritations due to friction.

As I read people having Apple Watch or FitBit strap irritations, I definitely recommend people to try GoStik Chamois Buttr as it really has helped me prevent the dreaded watch strap irritation problems.

Just make sure you separate your GoStik Chamois Buttr for use on your wrist and your regular Chamois Buttr for when you ride!