The One about Preventing Watch Strap Irritation/Rashes

I have often been asked by family and friends on how I prevent watch strap irritation. As a person who collects watches and also wears a watch to track my steps or for GPS or Heart Rate tracking, I have had problems in the past with watch strap irritation. A lot of the problem from watch strap irritations come with the trapping of moisture, sweat and due to friction. Others […]

JAPAN EARTHQUAKE: For those who are traveling in the Kumamoto Prefecture and are in need of help

For those who were traveling in southern Japan which were were rocked by two devastating earthquakes and continued aftershocks, and happen to be in the Kumamoto area, please visit the Kumamoto City International Center. The center is offering shelter for non-Japanese residents and they also have multilingual translators available there to help. Although the center is only open until 10:00 p.m., evacuees will be allowed to stay overnight at nearby […]