The One about Paris Baguette in Los Angeles (Koreatown)


As I had to pick up some ingredients which I can only find at H Mart in Koreatown’s Madang Plaza Shopping Mall in Los Angeles, I stopped by Paris Baguette Cafe.

Despite it’s name, the bakery chain is actually based in South Korea and owned by the SPC Group.

Inspired by the bakery chain “Paris Croissant”, the first Paris Baguette was opened in Korea back in 1988.

By 1992, the company opened its 100th store and opened a Korea-French institute of Baking in Seoul.

In 2004, the company entered the Chinese market and the following year, Paris Baguette opened its first store in the U.S. in Los Angeles.  California would add 25 locations to California.

And twenty years since the first store opened, the 1,800th store was unveiled.

And 2010, the first Paris Baguette opened in Manhattan and 18 stores would now be located in the East Coast and also throughout the United States.  And literally around the world.

For those who want to purchase bread and pastries, cakes and desserts, sandwiches, coffee or other beverages, the place is a popular destination to hang out and eat.

You can find green pea bread, choux cream bread, sausage stick bread, garlic cheese baguette, apple cream cheese bread and cream cheese donut.

Or eat delicious pastries as their fruit pastry bite, strawberry pastry, raspberry cream cheese, mini croissant and danish cream cheese.

And if you are not wanting anything sweet, there is the egg and cheese croissant with fruits or omelette with green salad for brunch.  Half sandwich and soup or salad, lunch box, sourdough soup bowl or daily soup for lunch.

For cold sandwiches, there are the usual tuna salad, turkey avocado, crab salad, chicken salad and combo sandwich.  There are also healthy foods such as the grain chicken salad sandwich but for those who want a baguette, you can also get a ham and coleslaw, ham and cheese and prosciutto and fresh mozzarella cheese baguette.

For hot sandwiches, there is the cajun chicken lavash wrap, grilled caprese sandwich, maple and bacon cheese melt, salami and roasted tomato and the turkey and mozarella cheese melt.

Overall, a pretty chill place to eat and hangout with friends and the prices can range from a bit expensive to others that are quite affordable as well, thanks to the many diverse offerings you can find at Paris Baguette.  Check the place out!