The One about Sul & Beans in Los Angeles (Koreatown)


While Korean desserts can be found at most Korean restaurants, for those who are passionate about red beans from Korea will enjoy the restaurant, Sul & Beans Korean Bingsoo Cafe.

For those who never experienced patbingsu (red beans with ice), you can find Korean shaved ice desserts at this location.

Upon entering the restaurant, you immediately see their top desserts being offered.  On the top, green tea bingsoo (in green) and Injeolmi bingsoo (in yellow and is a variation of Korean rice cake covered in powdered beans).  And also other types of bingsoo are offered such as the original bingsoo, black sesame bingsoo, strawberry bingsoo, mango bingsoo and chocolate bingsoo.

For the day, we opted for the green tea bingsoo.

Dried dates are on the side, red bean (note: Sul & Beans uses only USDA Organic Red Beans) with lychee on top and green tea shaved ice.  A bowl is pretty huge and while some can eat it all by themselves, it really can be shared with two people.

You can request two spoons and two containers if needed.  Also, you get condensed milk to pour on your dessert.

The red bean gives the sweetness and the green tea shaved ice adds perfect balance for a delicious dessert.  And you can get a combo and also get various versions of their toast.

Also, various types of drinks and sold in jars are Sul & Beans 100% organic plum concentrate, strawberry citron and more.

The atmosphere is pretty laid back, many students but also families can be seen at the cafe, with K-Pop playing in the background.

The place can get a bit crowded but it’s a pretty cool cafe to enjoy Korean shaved ice and their delicious red bean combo!