The One about Mr. Pizza in Los Angeles (Koreatown)


In South Korea, Mr. Pizza is a popular and also the country’s #1 pizza brand in terms of franchisees and sales.

Created back in 1990, with hundreds of outlets in Korea, over two dozen in China, under a handful in the U.S. and Vietnam.

With a total of four stores in California (the main Wilshire store, the Little Tokyo store, Buena Park store and Century City store), Mr. Pizza offers free delivery and over 20 selected beer and wine.

In 2014, Mr. Pizz was the first time awarded to an F&B brand “World Class Product of Korea” and is ZAGAT RATED.

The pizza is 100% hand-kneaded, 100% full-hearted topping and 100% grilled-baked.

We went for Mr. Pizza’s Special Lunch which is $9.99 (11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. excluding weekends and holidays) which features a fountain drink, salad & soup and small pizza or pasta or calzone.

Mr. Pizza offers so many types of premium pizza, thin crust pizza, pasta, appetizer, salads and drinks.  Premium pizzas range from $21-$28 for a large, while regular ranges from $18-$20.  The thin crust pizza ranges from $14.00-$18.50.  While pasta ranges from $11.00 to $18.00.


The soup was delicious, the salad was also delicious with a good does of greens, onions, carrots but also incorporation of fruit.

The first pizza we tried is the sweet potato pizza.  While the majority of the pizza is delicious, inside the crust is sweet potato.  I enjoy eating sweet potatoes, but this pizza is great if you want a pizza with a little sweetness.

The second pizza was the Bulgogi Pizza and many may find it to their preference because the amount of meat and cheese featured.

But both were delicious.  The crust was crisp and the ingredients were delicious.  Of course, the two pizzas we tasted are two very different styles, with one having more meat, the other one having more sweet potato.  But would love to come back and try their combination, BBQ chicken, chicken alfredo, Greek Gold, Egg Tart and Secret Garden pizzas.

Overall, Mr. Pizza at Wilshire featured a really classy interior, attentive staff and we received our food quickly.