The One about Silent Film Night at the Fox Theatre (Hanford)


Back in the 1920’s, the Fox Film Corporation owned by William Fox would build their large chain of movie theaters across the United States known as “Fox Theatres”.

Using architecture inspired by Asian, Indian, Persian and Moorish influences, these theaters continue to be entertainment spots, churches or have fallen into bad shape and were demolished.

One of the locations that I grew up visiting as a child is the Fox Theatre located in Hanford, California.

It was the primary location for movies at one point but later transitioned into a location where you would watch something in relation to the performing arts.

But as my passion for silent films have grown, I have been excited about the silent film screenings at the Fox Theatre in Hanford, that myself and others, who are passionate but are living even farther, travel to watch these silent films.

Before I get into that, let me just say how I love going inside the Fox Theatre and being enveloped by its surroundings of Hollywood cinema from decades past.  It’s a wonderful experience if you are a fan of classic Hollywood cinema.

As for silent film night, one of the coolest experiences is to watch Joe Rinaudo of Rinaudo Productions ( with his 1909 rebuilt hand cranked movie projector.  Watching these films handcranked, while the music of Dean Mora, who does a fantastic job with playing music on the Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ.

Unfortunately, in March 2014, a large section of the concrete ceiling collapsed over the auditorium. The damage sent dust throughout the theater and due to the damage, preventing any shows to be seen at the Fox Theatre for over a year and half.

But with the new renovation of the Fox Theatre in Hanford, it allowed for modern advances with lighting, expansion of rooms and also allowed for restoration to some of its 1929 details.

And now, the Fox Theatre will feature the return of Silent Film Night in May 2016.

I look forward to attending the upcoming event!