The One about Why I Travel


Many people ask of why I travel, how I am able to travel and the truth is that, traveling is something I need to do for myself.

A short escape from life’s challenges, a chance to learn about other cultures than the one that you see nearly all year, to sample authentic cuisine to enhancing one’s lifestyle.

There are many people who have questions about traveling?  And I know that a lot of people I talk to, there are those who fear of traveling overseas.

May it be riding on their first airplane, afraid to be in a foreign land and not knowing how to communicate or what to eat.  There are those who are stuck in a paradigm of how life should be and are comfortable living a certain way.  Any deviation from that way of thinking makes them uncomfortable.


But that is all part of traveling.  To participate, to embrace, to enjoy a new culture and embrace something new.  In the process, you may meet new people, many who become friends and later on, find yourself visiting them, growing up with them and sharing a bond.

Others are able to get away from the workplace, from stress and come home with new outlook in life.

For me, traveling invigorates me, to make me feel that I’m alive and to make appreciate life with a new perspective.

And in many ways, it has enhanced my life.

And that is why I travel.