The One about the Craftsman Articulating Hammerhead Autohammer with Articulating Head


As I try to teach myself on how to build things (something I once did way back in high school), I find myself trying various tools.

When it comes to hammering nails, I’ll be up front to say that I’m not the most perfect at it.

I’ve put together a good number of things in my lifetime, but nailing is not always perfect and often, I have to remove the nail and do it over again. Especially, when I need to hammer a nail in the toughest of spaces.

I recently saw Craftsman’s Articulating Hammerhead Autohammer with Articulating Head, while I was doing research for a 18-gauge Brad Nailer. I was not planning to purchase this device but it was on sale and the 25% charge in 3 minutes was a surprise.

But also seeing that it came with the auto-hammer, battery, quickboost charger, soft bag, prybar and the manual.

But that was not the selling point, the selling point was working in tight areas, the ability to drive a nail flush at 90 degrees, 45 degrees and 0 degrees and it comes with an LED light.

So, I decided to make the purchase and while I wasn’t sure how it would work or how much power it would have, sure enough it worked perfectly.

I had to nail a broken drawer and took my nail and then put the head of the nail inside the magnetic sleeve and with a press of a button, similar to a jackhammer, the Craftsman Autohammer with Articulating Head drove that nail easily.  Although, expect the driving of the nail to be LOUD.  So, not something you want to use when the family are in bed sleeping.

Tried it on another area that was slightly difficult to get to, accidentally drove the nail incorrectly, but used the autohammer to drive it back out and use the accompanying pry bar and it worked perfectly.


It’s fairly easy to use as Craftsman guarantees 3,600 impacts per minute to hammer nails flush.

The 12v battery is only about a pound and with the Craftsman Autohammer, it’s probably around 3 pounds or so. Not heavy at all and I didn’t experience any hand fatigue while using it.

Charging the battery on the QuickBoost Charger is quick and there is a fuel gate that shows you the charge level, which is a plus.

The soft bag is cool, but it’s one of those where you have to figure out how to put the top part and zipper it up, because the zipper is not connected yet. But it’s not difficult to connect the bag together.

A fantastic articulating hammerhead auto-hammer, for those looking for a cordless, autohammer that is easy to use and is quite powerful, the Craftsman Autohammer with Articulating Head is highly recommended!