The One about the Saris SUPERBones 3 Bike Rack


For those looking for a durable cycle rack that can be used on a variety of cars but also for those want a bit of security included, one will want to take a look at Saris’ “SUPERBones 3” Bike Trunk Rack.

For the most part, the Saris SUPERBones 3 Bike Trunk Rack is durable and well-made. And this rack worked well with both my wagon and sedan. My bikes were held secure and I was more worried about how the rack would work on the wagon, but the straps held on really well.

With that being said, there are a few things that I have to mention, if you are curious about this rack.


I. Should I get this for my vehicle?

I recommend visiting their website to find out if this can be used for your car.II. Before you get the rack ready, you will need to do a few hook adjustments.

At first, it took me awhile to figure out because the instructions for this segment look a bit vague. But then I checked the website and this one video makes it much easier to understand:

The video alone was quite helpful, but Saris recommends that the video is not a replacement for the manual, so make sure you read the instruction manual and watch the video first.

III. Things you also need to know

While the rack is much easier to install after dealing with the straps and watching the video and reading the manual. There are a few things you need to know:

a. Do not open your rear trunk when the rack carrier is installed You can mess up you rack and cause damage to your bikes.
b. Make sure your tires are nowhere near the exhaust pipe.
c. Do not go to the car wash with your rack carrier is installed.
d. Do not mount on a trailer or RV.
e. Do not use your rear windshield wiper when rack carrier is installed.
f. Do not use tandem bikes or recumbent cycles with this rack carrier.
f. The straps should never come in contact with your spoiler.

And there are a few more which are listed in the manual.


As mentioned, it’s important to look up your vehicle on the Saris website and also to make sure this rack is recommended for you. Watch the installation video on the Saris website and read the instruction manual.

But overall, the bike trunk rack is wonderful. It’s durable, the rubber feet prevent damage to your window or body. The anti-stray straps prevent your bike from swaying and also, the integrated lock and cable and the key lock (you are provided with two keys) is a plus as an anti-theft deterrence.

I was able to get my three bikes on this rack but for those who are concerned if they should put their carbon frame on this rack, I did and I had no problem. I think that for carbon frame bikes, Saris recommends using their Freedom Superclamp and Thelma bike racks (which are even better and also much pricier) for the added protection.

Most of all, the anti-sway wraps really are secure and hold your bikes in place. So, driving through high wind or bump surfaces, these straps really hold on tight.

And Saris Cycling Group stands behind their product that they give a lifetime warranty on the product.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with this bike trunk rack and Saris SUPERBones 3 is a rack under $400 that I highly recommend!