The One about the Golden Turd or Flame in Sumida Tokyo (@ Asahi Beer Hall)


One of the most unique structures in Sumida, Tokyo is the Asahi Beer Hall (Super Dry Hall).

One of the building of the Asahi Breweries Headquarters, many will see what many call “Kin no Unko” (“The Golden Poo” or others like to say, “The Golden Turd”).

While what people are seeing is the structure designed by French designer Philippe Starck back in 1989.

Known as one of Tokyo’s most modern structures, what is supposed to be the “Asahi Flame”, depicting the burning heart of Asahi beer and its frothy head, has unfortunately received the designation of being called by many as “The Golden Turd”.  Needless to say, whichever you prefer to call it, it has become a popular structure in Tokyo that people have to get a picture of.

The 360-ton stainless steel golden flame was made by shipbuilders using submarine-construction techniques and the flame itself is empty.

While people have taken interesting photos of them with the Asahi Beer structure, because of the popularity of this building, one always clamors to walk the east bank of Sumida River to get a good photo of the building.  In fact, even CNN had to plug “The Golden Turd”.

Meanwhile, from above Tokyo Sky Tree, this is probably the only good view you are going to get of it.