The One about the Zircon StudSensor HD70 Stud Finder


Having read the Amazon reviews for the Zircon StudSensor HD70, I figured it would be a good tests for me to check the unit out as one, I needed to upgrade and get a new Stud Finder and two, one that was under $30 but yet had a display and showed me where the stud center was located but also wirewarning detection.

Please note that I have had this device for months but feel the need to review to give a positive experience of using it and to counter the negative reviews.

I don’t know why others had problems with theirs but what I purchased worked perfectly.


– Finds Stud Center
– Finds Wood or Metal Studs
– Finds Deep Studs
– Wire Warning Detection
– Features a backlit display

It’s important to note that a 9V battery is needed and it DOES NOT come with one.


The device found the center of the stud, I also ran it through areas where there were wires and it detected it as well.

Placed the HD70 flat on the wall and moved slowly. I left my finger on the power button and used the device to go slowly over the surface until I was able to discover the stud. I can see when it’s on the edge by the line indicator of if it’s too much on the left or too much on the right and where it’s perfectly center.

I followed the directions in which I kept the StudSensor HD70 flat against the wall and moved slowly. I also read closely about how to avoid surprises and remembering that stud or joists are normally spaced 15 or 24 inches apart and are 1 1/2 inch in width. StudScan mode locates the center, edges, and direction of wood or metal studs up to 3⁄4 in. deep

I also read that if there was difficult locating a stud, to release and re-press the power button as the StudScan mode indication will turn off and the DeepScan mode indication will turn on. This also worked very well.

I’m not quite sure what others are using but have been able to use this device effectively when setting up my home theater setup and also paintings around the house, especially in my office and hallway.

As for the surfaces, on the rear of the package, it does say that it is not recommended for use on lath and plaster. So, for those purchasing it for use on plaster, it’s specifically mention on the rear of the package, so one shouldn’t blame Zircon if the device is used on plaster surfaces.

With that being said, perhaps Zircon could have been clearer on scanning on different surfaces on the packaging.

Inside the instructions, Zircon does mention to not used on freshly painted walls until a week or more until the application is dry.
It mentions to use a thin cardboard on walls with uneven surfaces and to use DeepScan mode.

Zircon also recommends using the DeepScan mode for wood flooring, subflooring, or gypsum drywall over plywood sheathing.

Also, the unit does a calibration when turning it on ala ACTTM (Auto Correcting Technology), so it’s important to not move the device before it completes calibration.

And last, I like how there is a low battery warning included.


Personally the Zircon StudSensor HD70 Stud Finder worked exactly what the device was intended.

I can see if people didn’t read the instructions, that they would have problematic experiences. I can also see if people used it on plaster or lath and it didn’t work, especially when it is in small print that the device is not recommended for that.

But I do believe that Zircon cold have put a little more emphasis on providing information on the scanning of other different surfaces on the rear of the packaging, as their is ample white space on the packaging above the social media logos.

While the studfinder is useful, it’s also important to practice safety and know that if there is live wire and its being shielded behind metal, it may not be detected by the studfinder, so always be safe and turn off your electrical power for a shortwhile.

And last, for those who want to detect copper or ferrous or non-ferrous metals, then you will want this Zircon Stud Finder instead: StudSensor HD800 Stud Finder

Overall, my experience has been positive with using the Zircon StudSensor HD70 Stud Finder. I didn’t have the bad problems others have had, so I give this device 4.5 stars!