The One about EXCELSIOR CAFFÉ in Kudanshita


While in the neighborhood of Kudanshita, I decided to visit EXCELSIOR CAFFÉ which is owned by the Doutor Coffee Co., Ltd. (which deals with importing of coffee beans, roasting and processing, wholesale sales and restaurant management).

The purpose was to create an Espresso Italian cafe and the first was opened in Minato-ku, Shibaura back in 1999.

The difference between other coffee shops is that EXCELSIOR CAFFÉ rotates seven types of beans during the week, while some stores deal with one type of bean.  In addition, in keeping with the Italian theme, EXCELSIOR CAFFÉ also sells varieties of pasta dishes and gelato.

There are a total of 35 franchise-owned EXCELSIOR CAFFÉ shops while there are a total of 136 stores.

The prices are quite affordable as the Orange Honey Latte (Hot/Iced) ranges from Y460 (small), Y510 (medium and Y560 (large), while there honey royal milk tea ranges from Y4620/Y470/Y520.

For those not interested in pasta or gelato can opt for their panini’s such as the roast chicken and mixed vegetables with basil sauce (Y460), prosciutto and egg tartar salad (Y520), tuna and shrimp (Y450), tuna and cheddar cheese (Y450), corned beef and Camembert cheese (Y480), smoked ham and Gouda cheese (Y380).

Also, offered for cheaper are the hot dogs which you can get as plain (Y250), cheese dog (Y290).  Also, for those who don’t mind pizza can get pizza avvolte (bacon, basil, bolognese) for around Y350.

And of course, one can order a cake, muffin, tart, bagel and more!

While there are a variety of beverages, one can also purchase alcohol as Heartland Beer, Heineken, Guinness Extra Stout,, Tatiara Cabernet Shiraz and Tatiara Chardonnay are offered.

And for those who like combination deals, you can purchase a panini set which includes  a ciabatta roasted chicken with vegetables panini, vegetable soup (ginger flavor), salad and latte.

There is also a breakfast set which features focaccia with small shrimp and egg tartar salad and your choice of soft drink.

Overall, EXCELSIOR CAFFÉ is a great place to chill, relax and grab a latte with a delicious meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.