The One about C&C Curry Shop in Yurakucho


I was in Yurakucho and needed to get some lunch and happened to be craving curry.

While you can find curry at many restaurants, I wanted to try out C&C Curry Shop for the first time.

The chain has around 25 stores throughout Japan and it’s a busy restaurant which attracts a lot of employees, so you’ll need to wait in line and if it’s rush hour, you’ll have to wait to get seated. Hence the reason why I couldn’t get any indoor shots or shots of my food, you really feel that you need to eat and leave, because so many people are waiting to eat and need a seat.

The good news for people on the go is that this is a place is strictly where you eat and go.  No chit chatting, you get your food, find a seat, eat/drink and you are done.

When you get to the cashier, you select which curry you want and the level of spiciness.  You are directed to an empty seat, eat your curry and drink your water and you are done.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 11.36.11 PM

The curry is affordable but the restaurant is not for those who want to sit with friends and family. This is a place that you want to go in to eat and leave. Because if you go with friends, chances are you will be sitting in different spots, because of how busy the restaurant can get.

Overall, good curry for those on a budget and are on the go.