The One about Tokyo Outdoor Weekend at Magic Beach in Toyosu


While Tokyo typically has the distinction of people who enjoy being surrounded by the concrete jungle, there are those who love to escape to the outdoors. Those who would rather go camping, biking, hiking, trail running, and simply loving the beauty of what the outdoor brings.

One event in Tokyo that attracts thousands of people each year at the end of March is TOKYO OUTDOOR WEEKEND at Magic Beach in Toyosu. And it’s an event which can be enjoyed by the entire family.

On March 26-27, TOKYO OUTDOOR WEEKEND will once again entertain outdoor enthusiasts.

Many vendors that specialize in crafts, outdoor apparel, shoewear and food have booths showcased at the event.  Many vendors also take part in a fashion show, to showcase their latest gear.

There are workshop and outdoor sports presentations, contents of who can set up a tent the fastest, even an off-road driving obstacle course and more.

Special guest performers for 2016 will include Hamazaki Takashi (of FLYING KIDS), bird, Johnsons Motorcar, Doborukazu, kirim (as the Opening Act) and more on the 26th, also featuring Tavita Nanao, Awesome City Club, Kirishima Nodoka and Rei and more on the 27th.

Last year’s event was very enjoyable and because of the lively atmosphere and the positive vibes running throughout the entire event, TOKYO OUTDOOR WEEKEND is an event definitely worth recommending again for 2016!

If you happen to be in Japan on the final weekend of March 2016, definitely check this event out!

NOTE: The photos featured are from March 2015.  Photos by Dennis A. Amith