The One about Japan Airlines (JAL)


As a frequent traveler, I often like to try different airline companies and stick with them if the experience was fantastic.

There have been overseas flights where I have sat with loud people and sat in uncomfortable seats that frankly, getting sleep on a 12-13 hour flight is difficult.

Recently, I had the opportunity to fly on Japan Airlines (JAL), known in Japan as Nihon Koku Kabushiki-gaisha.

The Airline company is the second largest in Japan (behind All Nippon Airways/ANA) and is based in Shinagawa, Tokyo.

Established in 1951 and becoming the national airline of Japan in 1953, the airline was fully privatized i n 1987 and merged with Japan Air System in 2002.

My flight to Narita Airport was fantastic as access to the movies featured recent films and a lot Japanese films that were English subtitled, including many variety shows from Japan that one can access.  The food was also delicious and liked how they gave out neck pillows, blankets, etc.

I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable flights that I have experienced.

While the flight back was a bit difficult as our section’s onboard television began to glitch, JAL made it worthwhile by giving us a $50 voucher.

But I thought it was wonderful of how attentive the stewardess were in trying to help people and giving great customer service.

Definitely one of the best flight experiences I have had and while my parents enjoyed riding All Nippon Airways (ANA), I absolutely will ride Japan Airlines if the quality remains consistent.


The waiting area for JAL customers at Narita Airport